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SEO With Shekhar is an independent journal website that focuses on SEO, SEM, ASO, Search analysis, and Search trends. Shekhar Chatterjee, the Founder of this blog, has an experience of 7+ years in Organic Search Marketing field. He shares case studies and SEO News here. Do not forget to Sign Up for the Newsletter, You’ll miss the Tips that other SEOs are paying thousand of $ for. The mission and vision of this journal is to make all SEOs aware of what’s happening in the Search.

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This Journal has Four different special content for everyone to read. Though, I mostly prefer to research on SEO & ASO, publish case studies of my analysis, you’ll also get immense idea of WordPress and link-building case studies. Our content comprises of:


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Do you need a business model that only depends on paid advertising? Of course not! Organic growth is the ultimate growth for any businesses.

According to the recent data, Almost 99,000 people searches on Google per second. People are searching for your products and services. If you show up yourself at the top of the search engine, you can gradually creating a customer-bringing magnet. I know that’ll take time to actually rank up there, but believe me mate, it won’t go in vein.

I am Shekhar Chatterjee, worked previously with many brands from many industries. I handled large projects solely too. From Keyword research to link-building, there are a step-by-step methodology that I follow for every websites I work on. Let’s discuss how I can help you building your online success.


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