Google Gradually Replacing ‘FAQ’ & ‘How To’ Search Results With ‘Things to Know’?

There is a heavy volatility in the search and search features on Google at the very end of the year. A twitter pole by Barry also got result that Google might even roll out another big update before the next year starts.

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I have witnessed some search features are getting updated. With the new Gemini coming, and SGE evolving (at the very last stage of its test), it is quite common thing that Google will introduce some SERP updates too. In the morning, while analysis SERP for some keywords related to SEO, I got to see that there are something really fascinating display in the Indian region.

Here’s what I noticed:

While I was searching for some main topics under SEO, I got to see some website recommendations at first on SERP and then some ‘Things to Follow’ result at the right side of the SERP. I was pretty sure that the FAQ section and the Related search section from the SERP is getting replaced by ‘Things to Know’ tab in desktop devices.

Previously, Google reduces the importance of appearance of ‘FAQ and How to’ results from SERP. SEOs will not be surprised to see any update related to this. Thought of a mind, this is obviously a test from Google and is not released full-fledged.

The websites that appeared in this result is not Tier#1 websites, but have a decent EEAT. Medium articles appeared too in the search results. Going forward in the SEO field, EEAT could be a game changing factor.

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