Favicon Not Showing on SERP, Causing a Drop in CVR

Recently many websites are facing an SERP appearance error. Their website’s favicon is not showing in the SERP. Not only in their organic search results, but also in the ads. Paying thousand of dollars in the ads and not showing a favicon in the ad appearance surely not fruitful for the SEOs.

This issue is not particular to any niche or industry. I have witnessed entertainment, media, technology, and blogs favicon getting vanished suddenly.

On a thread in X, Lily Ray also specified the same issue. She noted,

Why are SO many sites not seeing their Favicons appear on Google? I remember this being an issue a month or two ago… is it still a thing?

– Lily Ray

Below are some of the snapshot she shared. Here are the organic results:

favicon not showing preview 1
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In the United States and United Kingdom, there are also “Notes” section which is newer to the SERP results. It is almost same like reviews from customer that will, again, help in EEAT.

Here are how some website’s ads are showing on Google without Favicon:

Favicon not showing on Google Ads
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If that is a bug from Google, it might take some time to fix overall as this problem is there in every regions’ websites. SEOs think this is more of a bug than webmaster’s or particular website’s internal issue.

For this issue, many reputed brands seen a drop in their conversion rate (CVR). Favicon not only help recognizing the brand image but also let people believe in that website psychologically.

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