Google Search Console Will Stop Reporting Product Results From January 2024

In September 2022, Google Search Central declared two separate reporting options for the product pages – The product result report and the Merchandise listing report. They split the report into two options so that the webmasters get an idea about what exactly going right by observing the reports separately.

This initiative and update were rolled out on September 13, 2022. This includes – expanded eligibility for merchant listing experiences, more structured data properties, and New Search Console reporting.

Earlier this year, they provided separate click and impression reports for product pages in the search console. This update was rolled out in March 2023. Which impression and click data you should check?

“If you’re a merchant or wholesaler or have an online store, then you should check the merchandise listing report only. If you review certain products on your website, you should check the Product Review tab report. Many webmasters publish webpages that do not contain any direct or indirect product selling, they should check the product snippet report” – said Google Search Central.

Today, on 6th December 2023, Google announced that they will stop reporting the Product results search appearance, both in the Performance report and the API from January 2024. This update will enhance the original product seller’s presence in search engines and remove unwanted product results from SERP. Hence, it will show users what they want. Here is what Google published:

I will publish an in-detailed report after this update is completely rolled out in the Search console. Follow my social for more important news that SEOs are already paying thousands of $.

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